Alice Blue Review 2021

Alice Blue ReviewAlice Blue was established in the year 2006 by Mr. Sidhavelayutham M. He is the current Chief Executive Officer and managing director of the company. The company’s head office is in Bangalore, India. The company has created a good network in India by having around 1000+ Business Partners pan India and having around 15 direct branches across India.

The company’s vision, mission and Motto are;

Vision – To be in the top 10 customer-preferred Financial Enabler in India and Number “ONE” in South India.

Mission – To provide world-class Broking service to their clients and stakeholders with optimum returns at a minimal cost.

Motto – Growth is inevitable.

It is a broking house which allows trading in the following financial segments; 

  • Commodity – Alice Blue allows trading in commodity as it is a registered Trading and Clearing Member of Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd. (MCX) and National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange Ltd (NCDEX)
  • Equities – The Company provides an online share trading platform that allows its clients to invest in the Indian equity market.
  • Currency – The Company is a leading brokerage firm, which provides a low initial deposit, a wide range of leverage options and great customer service to its clients.
  • Depository services – Alice Blue provides both a Demat and trading account. It allows its clients to trade unlimited in the India share market and also in a world-class online trading platform. The account opening charges are free for a lifetime and Demat Annual Maintenance Charge (Demat AMC) of Rs. 350. 

It has the membership of the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE), the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), the Multi Commodity Exchange Stock Exchange (MCX-SX), the Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited (MCX) and the National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange Limited (NCDEX).

The company provides up to 20x exposure to its clients. This exposure varies on various parameters specified by the company. Some of the parameters are;

  • Clients Holdings – Trader clients or High-value clients gets higher exposure to the company and the company services.
  • Clients History – Older clients to the firm gets higher exposure and higher leverage
  • Type of investment – The exposure of clients defers from clients trading in equity investments, derivatives investments, currency investments and commodity investments. Equity Intraday investment gets the highest exposure of up to 20x while Currency options investments and Equity Delivery investments having the lowest exposure of zero exposure. Other categories of investment exposure are; Equity futures investment, Currency Futures investment and Commodities investment having up to 5x, 5x and 3x exposure respectively.
  • Company Scrip – A company with a high net worth gets high exposure scrip. The higher the company’s net worth, the higher the exposure scrip.


The company has an online trading terminal known as Alice Blue NEST. It is a terminal-based software offered by Omnesys Technologies. This software is available on the company’s (Alice Blue) website and can be easily downloaded to desktops and mobiles. The features NEST are:

  • Live monitoring and multiple market watch of the stock market.
  • It enables clients to place orders aftermarket.
  • It enables clients to receive notifications, news, latest updates and other alerts from the company and the market.
  • Admin and auto square-off. Square-off is a trading style used by investors mostly in day trading, in which a trader buys or sells a particular quantity of an asset (mostly stocks) and later in the day reverses the transaction, in the hope of earning a profit.
  • An advanced computational interface for trading.

The software gives the clients great information about their previous orders, holdings, account limits and market watch with easy and quick access.


Ant stands for Analyze and Trade. It is available free of cost for all traders and investors. The software gives clients a window to analyze and trade accordingly by providing all the essential features which are required to invest in stock and commodities. ANT is available as;

ANT-meta – the software generates the buy/sell signals with the given trading strategies such as moving average and Relative Strength Index (RSI). These signals are directed to the trading platform to execute the trading order.

ANT-Desk – this is desktop software. It has a clean user interface built for the smart trader along with features such as immediate execution and analysis. Using this software, clients can also manage pending orders or trade from a chart.

Ant-Mobi – this is an advanced trading platform for mobile devices. It can be easily accessed even from remote areas with low-speed internet. It consumes very few amounts of data. It also comprises a fresh user interface for trading without compromising on features like interactive quote charts or modern analytical tools.

ANT Web – This is an advanced light-weight online trading platform for modern web browsers that works on a low-speed internet with the lowest data consumption. This software allows several features such as single-click trading and history of operation.

ANT Scanner – This is an advanced feature to filter stocks in different sectors using various types of filters in both ANT Web and ANT Mobi. It supports filters such as; Day’s Gainer, Day’s Looser, Most Active Volume, Volume Shockers, Upper Circuit-Limit breakers, Near Upper-Circuit Limit, Near Lowe-Circuit Limit, Return on investment, 52 weeks High Breakers, 52 weeks Low Breakers, Near 52 Week High and Near 52 Week Low.

Key features of ANT include:

  • ANT can use customized trading strategies on ANT Meta.
  • It avails advanced trading charts with historical data and technical indicators.
  • It offers superior speed as per the trading needs without any interruptions.
  • Easy monitoring of multiple charts, order book, trade book, market watch and more through a single screen.
  • Dedicated, round the clock customer support desk to resolve any trading related queries.
  • It can be accessed through the mobile app, desktop and website.


Alice blue online is presumed to be one of the less known discount brokers in the stockbroking sector. They have close to ten thousand client base and are doing well in their small volume business. Their expansion plan seems to be really good and they are hoping to get high volume client closures over a period of next few years.

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