Angel Broking Review 2021

Angel Broking was incorporated in 1987 and is one of the largest full-service retail brokers in India among ICICI Direct, HDFC Securities, Kotak Securities. The company provides a wide range of investment and trading services that includes stock and commodity broking, investment advisory services, margin funding, loans against shares, and financial product distribution. Angel Broking has a strong presence with more than 110 branches and 11,000 sub-broker offices in 1800+ cities of India.

In April 2019, Angel Broking revised its brokerage plans to compete with the discount stock brokers like Zerodha. Angel Broking now offers flat rate brokerage plan ‘Angel iTrade’ to its customers. This plan provides trading at fixed Rs 15 per trade for order size less than Rs 50,000 and Rs 30 per trade for order size greater than Rs 50,000. The same flat brokerage rate is applicable across exchanges and segments at Angel.

Angel Broking is famous for its excellent trading software and investment advisory services. The stockbroker is the first large-size full-service broker offering discount brokerage rates to its customers.

What is Angel ARQ

Angel ARQ is the company’s flagship investment advisory tool with great features. It is a rule-based investment engine (robot) suggesting investment and trading ideas to the customers. ARQ provides recommendations for investing in Equity Stocks and Mutual Funds investments. It uses advanced technologies like Expert Insights, Machine Learning, Cognitive Algorithms, and Teraflops of processing power and provides an excellent trading experience.

ARQ is integrated into the trading software offered by the company. ARQ tool works as a personal fund manager for the investors. It is just an advisory tool and doesn’t have any fees or minimum investment commitments. It totally depends upon the customer’s choice to follow ARQ advice.

Angel Broking’s Trading Platforms

Angel Broking offers brokerage services through various web trading software, mobile trading apps, and installable EXE platforms. All these trading platforms are free to use for all customers.

#1 Angel Broking App (Mobile Trading App)

It’s an Android and iOS based mobile trading Apps that allows traders to access markets and trade using a Smartphone. Trading can be done on the Equity and Commodity Markets segment using this platform.

#2 Angel Broking Trade (Website)

It is a browser-based trading platform that is available to all customers. This platform is useful for investors & traders to access the market from different terminals and different devices.

#3 Angel SpeedPro (Trading Terminal)

An application trading platform that provides automatic updates to its traders that makes the market accessible to investors from different terminals along with other features.

Angel Broking Brokerage Charges 2021

Angel broking offers one simple trading brokerage plan ‘Angel iTrade‘ plan. This online trading plan offers full-service brokerage services to its clients with very low brokerage charges which are in line with discount stock brokers in India.

The plan was launched in April 2019 by the broker. The Angel iTrade plan offers premium brokerage services with simplified flat-fee pricing. Except for additional ₹20 call & trade charges, this plan has no hidden brokerage charges.

This trading plan offers brokerage and tax savings of 60% to 90% in comparisons to other full-service brokers like Sharekhan, HDFC Sec, and ICICI Direct.

Segment Brokerage
Equity Delivery Flat ₹15 per trade (<₹50k order) | ₹30 per trade (>₹50k order)
Equity Intraday Flat ₹15/trade (<₹50k order) | ₹30/trade (>₹50k order)
Equity F&O Flat ₹30 per executed order
Currency F&O Flat ₹30 per executed order
Commodity F&O Flat ₹30 per executed order


  • Trader don’t need minimum margin for this plan.
  • Trading software and web portal are free to all customers.
  • No cost Research and advisory services for all customers.
  • Under this plan Call & Trade is charged at an additional ₹20 per trade.
  • As of 2019, Angel has great offering all other brokerage plans including percentage-based plans.

How to open an account with Angel Broking Ltd?

To trade or invest in the stock market with Angel Broking, the investor has to open a Demat account with the broker. The simplest way to open an account with Angelbroking is by requesting a callback. Thereafter, Angel Broking’s customer service representative will call you back to assist in opening a Demat Account.

Angel Broking Pros and Cons

Angel Broking Advantages

  1. Full-service brokerage available at affordable charges.
  2. Flat fee brokerage plans at Rs 30/order.
  3. Free research and advisory services.
  4. Free trading apps, software and website.
  5. Verity of investment options availability.
  6. Presence in 1800+ of cities across India.
  7. Brokerage business experience of 30+ years.

Angel Broking Disadvantages

  1. Angel Broking doesn’t offer 3-in-1 accounts like ICICIdirect, HDFC Sec, and Kotak Securities.
  2. Broker assisted trades (Call & Trade) are charged for extra Rs 20 per executed order.

Angel Broking Exposure Margin

Angel Broking leverage for intraday trading, delivery, options trading, currency and commodities.

Segment Exposure Margin
Equity Delivery Upto 3x with 24% interest per year
Equity Intraday Upto 10x
Equity Future Upto 4x
Equity Options 3x for shorting
Currency Future Upto 2x
Currency Options Upto 5x for shorting
Commodity Future 3x
Commodity Options


Angel Broking is a full-service broker that offers competitive brokerage fees to compete with discount stock brokers. The broker also offers flat-fee brokerage that makes it one of the most affordable full-service stockbrokers in India. The company also provides trading software, trading apps, analysis, news, and advisory to its all clients for free.

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