Best Mutual Fund Apps in India 2021

Best Mutual Fund Apps in India – Investing in Mutual funds is the easiest type of investment, affordable, and useful. Mutual Fund Investment can be carried out by anyone who is starting an investment or just learning investment. Mutual funds are instruments that collect investment funds from the public. The Mutual Funds are subsequently invested and managed professionally by Investment Managers in various investment instruments.

How Mutual Funds Work?

The way, an app for mutual fund works is that investors deposit funds to investment managers who will manage the mutual funds by investing these funds into various investment instruments according to the investment policies and strategies set out in the mutual fund prospectus.

For example, for a stock mutual fund, you do not buy only 1 share of a particular company but 30-50 shares in a bunch (mutual fund). This bunch of stocks is selected through professional analysis by its investment manager, without you having to choose your own stocks one by one.

One of the benefits of using an app for mutual fund investments is that you can choose conventional mutual fund investments or mutual fund investment methods for beginners because there are many choices of mutual fund investment methods. And you can do all of them from your smartphone.

Best Mutual Fund Apps in India 2021 are:

1. Zerodha Coin 

Zerodha Coin has made at the number one position in our list of the best app for mutual fund. This app stands out among other mutual fund applications to invest money into direct mutual funds. They offer investment benefits in more than 3,000 commission-free direct mutual funds across 34 fund houses in India. With more than 1,50,000 investors who have invested more than INR 2500 crores through Zerodha Coin mutual fund application saved INR 30+ crores in commissions.

Key highlights of the application include: 

  • Search, channel, and purchase from more than 3,000 commission-free direct mutual funds across 34 AMC’s. 
  • A single capital addition proclamation, P&L perceptions, and Annualized (XIRR) and supreme returns. 
  • Mutual Fund are held in Demat structure, and in this way simpler to vow as insurance for credit against protections as the Best mutual fund app in India.

Note: You can open a Demat account with Zerodha to invest money into direct mutual funds and stocks utilizing this fast connection.

2. Groww – Mutual Funds App 

Groww application is one of the fastest-growing mutual fund investing applications in the Indian Mutual Fund industry. That’s why the app secured the second position on our list and all credit goes to its perfect & simple to use User Interface. This application helps new investors in investing money into mutual funds with ease. Every single Mutual Fund data that an investor need is available in only one application. Groww allows you to invest money into direct Mutual funds with zero commission just like Zerodha Coin and offers extra benefits to 1.5%+ with subscription plans. 

Key highlights include: 

  • Simple configuration worked in light of newbies and experienced investors 
  • Simple to use dashboard to manage your investments, annualized returns, and all-out returns 
  • Top Mutual funds list in various categories

You can download Groww Mutual Fund App from the below links:

3. myCAMS – Mutual Fund App in India

This is one of the best apps for mutual fund. The myCAMS is another top mutual fund application to invest money into numerous Mutual Fund plans. The application encourages quicker, simpler, and more intelligent approaches to execute in the quick funds. 

There are different highlights of myCAMS which incorporate versatile PIN and Pattern login, one perspective on your MF portfolio, open new folios, buy, reclaim, switch, set up SIP and that’s just the beginning. It additionally helps in planning the exchange choice which permits financial specialists to set up future Mutual Fund exchanges. 

4. KFinKart- Best mutual fund app in India

The main goal of this mutual fund investing application is to allow new investors in Mutual funds investing. It is a one-contact login application that allows you to invest in a large group of mutual funds. It additionally underlines a solitary perspective on your investments, oversee profile, settle on choices and execute immediately without requiring various applications offered by various fund houses. 

This application’s eccentricity is to take advantage of your time and cash by connecting and following your family folios across AMCs, put money into NFOs, execute or reinvest, start or stop SIPs, and so forth. 

5. ETMONEY Mutual Fund App 

ETMONEY was established by a gathering of energetic Entrepreneurs, IITians, and Designers with profound aptitude in innovation, portable and monetary administrations. Related to a major brand of Economic occasions, this Mutual Fund application is a one-stop goal for everything speculation which assists with following and oversee costs utilizing cost director, Invest in Mutual Funds through SIP or Lumpsum, Save charge with SIPs in ELSS mutual funds, and so on. 

6. PayTM Money Mutual Funds App 

The Paytm Money Mutual-Funds App, offered by the Paytm group. It allows investing in Direct Plans of Mutual Fund Schemes without any commissions or any charges. It offers numerous highlights to the client which incorporates completely Transparent Tracking, Data Privacy, and Protection, Switches from Regular to Direct Plans, Track, Manage and Automate SIP Investments, and so on. Undoubtedly, this is the best app for mutual fund.

7. KTrack portable application by Karvy 

The essential goal of KTrack versatile application by Karvy is to deal with the speculations of its client in Mutual funds. This application offers better approaches for contributing your cash. With only one-contact login that forces you to contribute across a huge number of mutual funds. It gives a solitary perspective on your oversee profile, investments, settle on choices and execute in a flash without requiring numerous applications. 

The application has Enriched UI and numerous highlights like One-contact login or Log In through Facebook/Google account, Enriched Navigation, gives Portfolio Dashboard, helps in following of your exchange, NAV Tracker, and so on.


So, those are some of the Top mutual fund app in India. Make sure you know what you need before choosing one of them. Have fun investing!

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