Best Stock Brokers in India 2021

You are here because you are looking for an in-depth and unbiased review of the Best Stock Brokers in India for your investment. As we all know that the Stock Market is a vast subject that has a wide range of products. So it is very difficult to find the Best Stock Broker for a trader. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the Share Brokers in India that are offering a quality service.

A genuine list of top share brokers in India by the number of active clients is published here. Zerodha is the topmost stockbroker among all the brokers in India with more than a 5 Million user base. Zerodha is top in the list followed by others like ICICIdirect, HDFCsec, and Sharekhan.

Best Stock Brokers in India 2021

  1. Zerodha
  2. Sharekhan
  3. ICICI Direct
  4. HDFC Securities
  5. Kotak Securities
  6. Angel Broking
  7. Axis Direct
  8. Motilal Oswal
  9. SBI Securities
  10. IIFL
  11. Upstox
  12. Geojit
  13. Religare Securities
  14. 5Paisa
  15. Wisdom Capital
  16. JustTrade
  17. TradeBulls
  18. Alice Blue
  19. Samco

Why Choose a Top Share Broker in India?

To start investing in Stock Market a trader need a reliable trader. Now these days, people are showing more interest in Stock Trading because it is easy to invest money in share market instead of letting it sit in a Saving Bank Account.

Stock Market is becoming popular day by day because if you choose the correct investment then you can get higher returns on your investments, compared to your savings account. Along with a good investment if you have a good stockbroker then it enables you to start investing with peace of mind.

Due to the increasing scope for Trading, the Broking business becomes so penetrating for brokers. And it becomes difficult for traders to choose a Top Share Broker in India.There are top stock brokers in India who have over a decent number of active customers. This list of top stock brokers in India also provides detail about the latest number of active clients with the broker.

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