Best Stock Market Books in 2021

If you are looking to invest in the stock market, then one thing is sure; you must have deep knowledge and understanding of stock market trading. Here in this article, we’ll be discussing Best Stock Market Books to learn Trading and Investing.

Before you can venture into the stock market, you must know very well about the ups and downs of the stock market. Only with such deep knowledge about the stock market can you become a wise and successful investor.

So, how do you start learning about the stock market?

It is true that there are many websites and blogs written about the stock market, which you can use to learn about stock trading. However, what better way to learn about stock market trading could there be than by reading books written about the topic?

Books are unique in themselves, and they provide the best learning experience. Reading books written about the stock market can, therefore, help you to understand the Indian stock market right from scratch. 

Best Books on Stock Market Trading

There are thousands of books available in the market about stock trading. How can you tell which book is most effective? This article discusses the top 10 stock market books that are guaranteed to offer you the best teaching experience;

1. One Up On Wall Street

The ‘One Up On Wall Street’ book on the stock market is written by Peter Lynch. This author is one of the top-ranked fund managers. His portfolio has been earning him a mean annual profit of 30%, for the past 13 years. The book of an author with such a great record in the stock market is, therefore, a very great resource that you can use to learn about the stock market.

This book on stock market India is best suited for beginners in the stock market. It provides a clear explanation of the important basics of stock trading. The book also covers important topics, such as, how to invest in the stock market, the appropriate time to invest, as well as why consider the long-term investment approach. 

Furthermore, the author provides a clear description of the stock-picking approach, and how it can win you stocks. In addition to this approach, Peter Lunch also discusses 6 types of stocks that you can consider to invest in the market.

2. The Warren Buffet Way

The author of this book is Hagstrom. Just as its name suggests, ‘the Warren Buffet Way’ book mainly focuses on teaching about the Warren Buffet investing strategy. Here, Hagstrom teaches about all the aspects that an investor should consider, so as to achieve success in stock market trading, just like Buffett. 

The good thing about these aspects that Hagstrom teaches is that they can be applied immediately to the investor’s portfolio. Another aspect that also makes this one of the best books on the stock market is that; the author uses very simple language that is easy to understand.

More so, for motivational purposes, the author includes all the winning stories of Buffett. Such stories can provide you with just the motivation and inspiration that you require when making investment decisions.

3. The Intelligent Investor

Following the high popularity and efficiency of this stock market book, it has been nicknamed ‘the Bible of the stock market.’ The author of ‘the Intelligent Investor’ is Benjamin Graham, who is best known for the major role he played in mentoring one of the greatest investors in the world, Warren Buffet.

This book provides a thorough explanation of the fundamentals of stock market trading. This explanation is discussed from the value investors’ point of view. The Intelligent Investor also discusses 3 main concepts in stock trading. These concepts are;

  • The Investing Approach
  • Mr. Market
  • Margin of Safety

Indeed, the knowledge you are guaranteed to gain from reading this book is what makes it one of the best books in the Indian stock market.

4. Stocks to Riches

If you are looking to invest in India, then you must read this book. The author of ‘Stocks to Riches’, Parag Parikh, has written this book in the simplest way possible, and with a simple language that can be easily understood. Actually, this book can even be understood by a fifth-grader.

In this book, the author points out the major mistakes that most beginners in the stock market make. Therefore, this is one of the best books on the Indian stock market that beginners can read, so as to avoid making major mistakes that could cost them profits.

This stock market book goes on further to discuss the general truth about the stock market. It does so by exposing the myths and misconceptions that most people have about the stock market.

5. Beating the Street

‘Beating the Street’ is another book on the stock market by Peter Lynch, a successful fund manager at Fidelity Investments. For those who intend to venture into the stock market for long-term investments, then this is just the book for you to read. The book is also best suited for those new investors who are trying to invest on their own.

‘Beating the Street’ book provides a clear and simple discussion on the fundamentals of the stock market. It teaches how new investors can pick their stock wisely, hence, ensure a successful investment. It is one of the few books on the stock market in India that explain the basics of the stock market in the simplest language and way possible.

6. Learn to Earn

The ‘Learn to Earn’ book on stock market India provides a deep insight into the stock market, as well into other related aspects, such as capitalization and the economy. A plus about this book is that it is written in a very simple language. 

Therefore, even new investors with no commerce background whatsoever can benefit from reading this book. This is one of the top books on the stock market that is highly recommended for reading by those who are new to the stock market.

7. Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits

This book is written by the same author of ‘The Intelligent Investor,’ that is, Ben Graham. The main focus of the book is the growth stock investment approach. In this book, you will find a detailed explanation of the investment philosophy, which discusses how a successful stock market trader called ‘Phillip Fisher’ acquired growth stocks, that brought him maximum profits.

The stock market book ‘Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits’ also provides advice on what to buy when investing in the stock market, where to buy stocks, as well as the appropriate time to sell these. While reading the book, you will also learn about what 15 points you should look for when investing in common stock.

8. How to Avoid Loss and Earn Consistently in the Stock Market

The author of this stock market book is Prasenjit Paul. In the book, Prasenjit talks about how the Indian stock market is, as well as the strategies that when applied are guaranteed to provide an investor with consistent returns from the stock market. The author does not just talk about the general strategies that an investor can apply; rather, he talks about specific strategies that he has applied himself, and that have actually worked out for him.

Also, this book provides a deep explanation of what investing in stock really entails. This explanation is given in very simple terms. More so, the book discusses a 2-minute strategy for shortlisting stocks, or rejecting them, before any detailed analysis. This is indeed a must-read book before you can invest in the stock market.

9. The Little Book that Beats the Market

The author of ‘The Little Book that Beats the Market’ is Joel Greenblatt. It describes what is termed as the ‘Magic Formula.’ The Magic Formula focuses on teaching how to select stocks, in a way that will bring about great returns, without fail.

This stock market book teaches one important aspect that all investors need to cultivate; patience. Also, the Magic Formula discussed in the book touches on two key factors, namely;

  • Earning Yield
  • Return on Capital

Putting these two key aspects into consideration, before you can invest in the stock market, is guaranteed to bring you amazing results. Since this book teaches on the two key ‘secrets to success in the stock market, it is one of the highly recommended books on stock market India that you should read. What’s even better is that; with this book, you learn how to succeed in the stock market in just a few pages (176 pages in total).

10. Stocks for the Long Run

The author of the ‘Stocks for the Long Run’ is Jeremy Siegel. The main topic discussed in this book is the long-term investment in the stock market and the benefits that this type of investment brings. It is, therefore, a must-read book by those looking to invest in the long-term future.

This stock market book offers practical advice on how to invest in the stock market. It looks into the history of the stock market returns and bonds, helping the reader to appreciate such a valuable excursion. 

For instance, the book compares the historical returns earned by well-managed funds, with the passive indices. Such a historical comparison teaches about the counterproductive aspect of the active management of a portfolio, as well as that of proper timing of the market. This is indeed one of the best books in the Indian stock market.

Summary – Best Share Market Books

There is a saying that,’ when you invest in knowledge, you earn the best interests. So, don’t just blindly follow other investors in the stock market. Rather, invest in knowledge by getting yourself one of the books above, and learn from the very best. When you do, you will have gained the knowledge you need to acquire great success in the stock market.

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