Best Stock Trading Apps in India 2021

Best Share Market Trading Apps in India – Nowadays, making money is quite easy because you may count on the internet. You can either sell things or just invest your money through the stock market. If you live in India, there are so many stock trading apps that you can try. This is the best way to invest your money in Share Market. So, here I am going to explain that “What are the best stock trading apps for beginners in India?”

I’ve listed below the best trading apps in India for online mobile trading. However, if you want to invest in Mutual Funds then I’ve also listed all Best Mutual Fund Apps in India.

Best Trading App in India 2021

1. Zerodha Kite Trading App

Either you want to access this stock trading app using your computer or mobile device, you will always get the same feature. This best stock market app India offered by Zerodha has a very strong and interactive UI to give you a better experience in online trading.

In addition, Kite Mobile APP Zerodha also becomes the most used share market app in India compared to other apps. For trading, you only need to pay for RS20 while it has some order types such as AMO, Regular, Cover Orders, and Bracket Orders.

2. Sharekhan Trading App

Sharekhan trading app by ShareKhan is a very popular share market app in India that many traders and investors use. When you choose the ShareKhan trading app, you will be amazed at its speedy online service in order to trade shares rapidly. In addition, this online trading app is also listed under BSE and NSE so users can easily purchase and sell shares.

Moreover, you will also feel comfortable with the provider features such as trade from chart, heat map, chartbook, Alert, and much more. Also, you will also get charts every day on a daily basis for every update.

3. ICICI Direct Mobile Trading App

Another best trading app in India goes to the ICICI Direct Mobile Trading app which can help you earn a lot of profit through the online investment. It is very intuitive because you can see the streamlining quotes on the screen on the latest market update. This stock trading app by ICICIdirect will assist you to track the portfolio as well as the movements of the market.

4. Upstox Pro Share Trading App

Next, you can choose the Upstox Pro Share Trading app by Upstox, just in case you want to join online investment using your computer or mobile device and holds better ratings among other Trading Apps India. In addition, there are also so many good and unique features such as a customizable chart, colors, legend, and much more.

Moreover, it also has good notifications and alerts which will show up on your device screen or you can just set up the notification according to your wishes. Furthermore, you can conduct an analysis and access your data for the past 10 years.

5. Kotak Securities Stock Trading App

If you want to try a popular stock trading app in India, then Kotak Stock Trader App can be your best option. It was launched by Kotak Securities that will help you earn some money through online trading. You can count on this app because it is able to track your portfolio performance.

Moreover, you can also check the available balance in the account as you want. It also has the feature “My Investment” that will allow you to know the progress of your investment. It supports any mobile device so you can just use them to get profit.

6. IIFL Markets Trading App

IIFL Markets APP also becomes the best stock market app in India which was released by the India Infoline Services. The file app is only about 38 Mb, so you can just install it on your low-end mobile device. It also supports OFS and IPOs. In addition, if you just want to understand how this app works, you can try the guest login feature.

It is a really reliable online trading app because you can keep your selected stocks on the screen. So, you must try it now and earn your profit as much as you want.

7. 5Paisa Mobile Trading App

5Paisa Mobile App becomes one of the most favorite discount broker apps for those who want to join the best Indian trading app. This online trading app is reliable because it prioritizes speed and performance. So, you must not doubt it because you will really feel enjoyable to trade using this app. Since it also supports mobile devices, you will feel easy to purchase and sell your items instantly.

It is so fast so the order execution will run within a second. The fund transfer process is also quick and proper. With this best stock trading app for beginners in India, you can trade equity, index, stock, futures, and currency.

8. Angel Broking Trading App

If you use iPhone and Android devices, then you may try this Angel Broking Trading app, everything will feel easy and effective. You do not need to worry about your money because you can trade after conducting an idea analysis. Also, you can also consider several factors that may influence the trading decision available in this app. Marketing movement tracking is also intuitive and user-friendly and it works on a real-time basis.

There are so many other features that you can find out once you use this stock trading app by Angel Broking. For instance, you may check the market new latest update on your device screen or you can also track your holding.

9. Motilal Oswal Trading App

Motilal Oswal Trading App is another good stock market app India by Motilal Oswal, just in case you want to make some money online. It comes with some great features like a real-time portfolio monitoring tool, a beautiful chart with 12 different indicators, fund transfer to more than 40 banks connected, and much more.

In addition, it also gives a safe operation mechanism for every trading process so you do not need to worry about any threats.

Conclusion – Best Share Market Apps in India

Finally, those are a few Best Stock Trading Apps in India that you can try just in case you want to join the online investment. Somehow, you only need to use your mobile device or web browser to get started with it. Every app has its own features, so you may try which one is the best for you. All of those online trading apps are reliable and safe, so every Indian citizen can download and install the app on their device. What are you waiting for? Try it now and earn some profit.

Best Trading Apps in India – FAQs

What are the features of the best trading app?

The best trading app in India should offer various online trading platforms, trading signals & indicators, trading guides, and a low brokerage fee.

Why use Trading Apps?

Trading Apps gives an on-the-go online trading experience on your Mobile. Web trading on mobile is not convenient that is why you should use Stock Trading Apps to trade online. These trading apps also allow you to perform all the trading operations that you can perform on a Trading Platform.

How to Choose Best Mobile Share Trading App?

Choosing the best Mobile Share Trading App in India can be according to your trading needs like what features you need, easy to use, Mobile OS support, etc.

Which trading app in India is best for beginners?

Zerodha Kite trading app and Sharekhan mobile trading app is considered best for the beginner trader in India as they offer great features and easy to use platforms

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