EMI Calculator

Calculate the loan using the online EMI Calculator for a personal loan, home loan, car loan, and two-wheeler loan. Our loan EMI Calculator can help you to plan your loan repayment efficiently and make your dream true.

What is EMI Calculator?

EMI Calculator is a free online loan calculator that helps one with personal loan, home loan, and car loan calculations. A loan borrower can plan and calculate the loan EMI using the free EMI Calculator with various useful details in a table.

The information displayed in an EMI Calculator chart & table are:

  • EMI amount
  • Principal paid during the month
  • Interest paid during the month
  • Total Principal paid till the date
  • Total Interest paid till the date
  • The total repayment amount including Principal and Interest
  • Total number of EMIs & loan duration

What is EMI?

EMI stands for Equated Monthly Instalment; that to be repaid by the loan borrower monthly to the lender or bank. EMI amount contains the part of the principal amount and part of the interest. The borrower pays a large amount towards interest during the initial period of the loan and subsequently reduces with time.

How to use an EMI Calculator?

Using a loan Calculator is too easy; you need to fill few details like the total loan amount that you wish to borrow, the length of the loan in years or months, and the interest rate and hit the Calculate button. Additional detail is required while calculating a car or home loan, and that is down-payment.

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