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You can learn how to calculate the Fibonacci Retracement & Extension Levels for a Stock or Index in both the Up Trend and Down Trend. Alternatively, you can Calculate the Fibonacci Levels using our Fibonacci Calculator.

Fibonacci Calculator [Up Trend]

Fibonacci Calculator [Down Trend]

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What are Fibonacci Numbers?

Fibonacci numbers are the sequence that is the sum of the two preceding terms. The Fibonacci number sequence follows a certain rule that is the result of the sum of the last two terms. These numbers can be defined with the following formula:

Fₙ = Fₙ₋₂ + Fₙ₋₁


  • F is Fibonacci Number or Sequence
  • n is term

What is Fibonacci Calculator?

A Fibonacci calculator is an online tool that allows calculating the Fibonacci sequence on the basis of two preceding known terms. It can be used to predict the price trend for the given stock, future, currency, or index with the help of the high & low price of the given scrip.

The price trend can be calculated in both the side for a scrip using the online Fibonacci calculator; known as Extension levels and Retracement levels. Enter the high and low of any stock, currency, or futures and calculate the Fibonacci levels.

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