IPO Allotment Status – Check Date, Link, Application Process

IPO allotment is the critical part of the Initial Public Offer process and IPO Allotment Process is handled and managed by the registrar of the IPO. The IPO Allotment Status provides the details of the shares allotted to the subscriber and also provides the IPO Allotment Date.

IPO Allotment Status

IPO subscribers or investors can do the IPO Allotment Check on the registrar’s official website after the IPO allotment date. All IPO allotment calculation is also managed & handled by the IPO registrar.

India’s biggest stock exchanges and depositories also provide the New IPO Allotment Status to IPO Investors via Email & SMS.

How IPO Allotment Process Works?

If you’ve applied fo the IPO than you’ve to wait for a week or so. During this time the registrar fo the offer has to sort & vet all the IPO Applications and also to remove all incomplete IPO applications from the IPO Pool. After doing this the IPO allotment process is quite simple, they just do a draw from the pool to allot shares.

After allotting the shares the IPO registrar is responsible to transfer the shares to the investor’s Demat Account and process refunds to the unsuccessful investors.

How to Check the IPO Allotment Status?

As I mentioned above, if you’ve applied fo the IPO than you’ve to wait for a week or so. After that, the registrar will carry out all the formalities of sorting, vetting & removal of applications and allot the share to investors via lottery.

After the lottery or draw the status will be available on the registrar’s website. You can check the IPO Allotment Status by your IPO Application Number or PAN Card.

Basis of IPO Allotment

For the Mainboard IPOs, the lot size of the IPO issue kept in such a way so the total price of an IPO lot will be less than Rs 15,000/-.