JustTrade Review 2021

JustTrade Review – This was formerly known as Bajaj Capital Investor Services Limited. It is the stockbroking and depository services launched by Bajaj Capital Group in India 50 years ago.

JustTrade Review

This broker company is a member of NSE and BSE depository participant(DP), with the National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL).  This site offers professional advisory to the customers and besides this, there are plenty of real-time stock quotes, the current market update news, and multiple tools essential for technical analysis. This broker operates a network of over 120 offices in and area covering 170 cities across the country of India.

JustTrade Trading Platforms Review

Here is the JustTrade trading platforms and their features:

  • Desktop Platform (Windows) – Yes
  • Desktop Platform ( Mac) – Yes
  • Desktop Browser Platform – No
  • Mobile Site Platform – No
  • Android App Platform – No
  • iOS App Platform – No
  • Windows App Platform – No
  • Other Mobile OS Platform – No
  • Real time Updates – Yes
  • Portfolio Details – Yes
  • Online MF Buy – No
  • News Flash – Yes
  • Research Reports – No
  • Easy Installation – Yes
  • Global Indices – Yes
  • Stock Tips – No
  • Personalized Advisory – No
  • Interactive Charts – Yes
  • Live Markets – Yes
  • SMS Alerts – No
  • Email Alerts – Yes
  • Multi Account Management – No

Just trade is recognized as a great ranking and wide-ranging broking house. It’s users benefit multiple trading and financial products. Moreover, it’s platforms are more flexible to trade as described below.

Just Trade Account Types

There are four different types of online equity trading platforms provided by just trade to its investors. In addition, they provide free call and trading facilities to the investors and directly fund for phone call links to the relationship manager and the advisory team of just trade equity. Below are the just trade platforms :

1. Just Activ Basic Plus

This is basically set for active investors just as the name suggests. These investors are those who have an interest in buying and selling shares, futures, options, mutual funds and IPO online applications with minimized paperwork. There are two options provided by Just Activ for share trading. The first option is whereby, individuals can use the pull technology in that, they can select stock at a time, confirm the quotes and then proceed to place the order. The second option is where one is in a position to use the browser-based streaming quotes engine which looks like a dealer terminal. 

2. Just Activ Gold

This is an account, designed to offer advisory services regarding investment at no cost for any nominal fee. The charges only are applicable for the statutory fees and other taxes which are payable to the government. 

3. Just Activ Premier

This is an account designed to provide an online platform, which is in position to execute trades with zero brokerage charges. The zero charges apply for the nominal fees and not necessarily for the statutory fees and taxes that are payable to the government agencies. 

4. Just Lite

This is light just as the name sounds, and simple online services that help investors to be in a position to buy and sell shares, futures, options, mutual funds and also aid successful applications of IPOs through online programs and aid reduction in paperwork. Its interface is simple and easy to understand. Push-pull technology is used to operate the share trading engine where investors can be in a position to select stock in time, close scrutiny of the quotes and place an order. Once you click on the refresh button, the quotes are updated on the screen.

Just Trade Brokerage Charges 

below is a detailed presentation about  the just trade Brokerage Charges

  • Equity Delivery Trading – 0.2% 0.4%
  • Equity Intraday Trading – 0.02% – 0.04%
  • Commodity Options Trading – 0.02% – 0.04%
  • Equity Futures Trading – 0.02% – 0.04%
  • Equity Options Trading – Rs.30 per lot
  • Currency Futures Trading – 0.02% – 0.04%
  • Currency Options Trading – Rs.10 per lot
  • Minimum Brokerage – Rs.20
  • Demat AMC Charges – Rs.280 per Annum
  • Trading AMC Charges – Free
  • Margin Money – Rs.10,000
  • Brokerage Calculator – Just Trade Brokerage Calculator. 

Just Trade stock broking house, at all times, offers nominal charges to all its users on financial and investment products. 

The minimum brokerage charges by just trade are Rs20. For equity delivery trading, the charges range between 0.2 %to 0.4%, those of equity intraday trading, commodity options trading, equity future trading lie between 0.02% to 0.04%

The equity options trading lot charges are Rs 30 while those of currency options trading per lot range at Rs 10.

Rs 280 is annually charged for the maintenance of the Demat account. In addition, the company also asks for Rs. 10,000 from the customers which they claim as margin money for security.

How to open Demat Account with Just Trade?

Demat accounts are necessary to keep stocks and shares secure and safe. It’s, therefore, a good approach to consider opening a Demat account with just trade or any other brokerage firm. Demat accounts provide electronic security to shares and stocks while providing assistance to the users regarding the trading industry. 

Through Demat account ownership, many users benefit from great experience with all financial segments. In case you are considering opening a Demat account, below are the procedures leading to a successful operating account with JustTrade firm. 

  • First and furthermost,fill up the lead form of the Demat account opening which is always given at the just trade website. 
  • Once you feed the accurate data which is relevant to the paper, click on the “submit ” icon. This is the beginning of launching your Demat account opening request.
  • On receiving your submitted request, one of the company’s executive will get back to you through a phone call for further processing.
  • For successful approval, you will be required to upload your KYC documents such as identity card, PAN card, Aadhaar card, photograph passport, and age proof. 
  • The verification and final call them will be made by the company after submitting the KYC documents and the Demat account opening form. 
  • The end of the verification process marks your account operational for the safety of shares and stock. 

JustTrade Exposure Margin 

The details below are for the just trade exposure 

  • Equity Delivery – Upt o 3X
  • Equity Intraday – Up to 6X
  • Equity Futures – Up to 4X
  • Equity Options – Up to 4X
  • Currency Futures – Up to 3X
  • Currency Options – Upto 3X
  • Commodities – Up to 3X

JustTrade Pros & Cons

Here you can find the advantages & disadvantages of JustTrade Securities:

Just Trade Advantages 

  • Its scope of operation is so wide with a wide range of stockbroking at nominal brokerage charges. 
  • Its trading platforms are more flexible compared to some of the existing brokerage firms. 

JustTrade Disadvantages

  • The company does not offer three in one account opening services to its customers.
  • There are no offline to online trading provisions with just trade firms.
  • The customer services are averagely provided. 

JustTrade Review – Conclusion

JustTrade is a discount stockbroker in India that offers brokerage services at an affordable price. Here it was my JustTrade Review, where I’ve compared all the plans, features, brokerage charges, and trading platforms.

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