Kotak Securities Review 2021

Kotak Securities Ltd is a subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra Bank and was established in 1994. They provide stockbroking services and offer other financial products in India. The broker has 1400 branches, franchisees, and satellite offices all over India and provides services to 1.2 million customers. They are the corporate members of both, the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange. Kotak SEC is also a depository participant with both the Depositories, National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) and Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL).

Kotak Securities Review

The Kotak securities provide three-in-one account similar to ICICI Direct and HDFC Securities that facilitates investors to open a Demat account, trading with a bank account with Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited. Using a 3-in-1 account customers won’t have to manually transfer money to a trading account from the bank account and from the bank account to the trading account. The required funds get credited automatically between the accounts. So this 3-in-1 account is easy to manage. Once your Demat account opens you can trade in Equity, IPO, Mutual Fund, ETF, Tax-free bonds, Currency Derivatives, Gold ETF, and other trading instruments and investment assets.

How to open an account with Kotak Securities

  • You can fill online Contact Us form on Kotak Securities website by entering your name, phone number, email address, city and submit the form. Once the form is submitted, one of Kotak securities representative will contact you and assist you to open the account.
  • You can download the account opening forms from their website, fill in the required details,  and submit it to their registered office in person or by post.
  • Call at one of the helpline numbers and ask them to open an Demat account with them. Toll-Free No.: 1800-222-299, 1800-209-9191

Note: Kotak Securities Account Opening Form, Name Change Request Form, Kotak Securities Account Closing Form, etc are accessible on their website. You can fill the form as per your requirement and submit it to their registered office.

Kotak Securities’s Trading Platforms

Kotak Securities provides multiple trading platforms to its customers to suit their requirements. Following are the trading platforms offered by Kotak Sec:

Website Based Trading

A stock trading website that can be accessed through any popular Web Browser on your Laptop, Desktop, Mobile, or other devices. This is the most convenient and popular way to start investing with Kotak Securities. Kotak also provides a lightweight trading website ‘Xtralite’, to its clients that can be used by investors with slow-speed internet.

Trading Terminals (KEATProX & FASTLANE)

Kotak offers two different trading terminal-based applications which are another popular platform among stock traders. KEATProX is an EXE-based installable desktop application providing the fastest trading experience to its clients. FASTLANE is a Java applet-based application that gives you a trading terminal type of experience without any installation on your device/computer. FASTLANE gives KEATProX like features and also the benefits of website-based trading as it can be accessed from anywhere through the web browser.

Mobile Stock Trading

Kotak offers high-speed mobile-based trading apps that allow trading in the Stock Market. Through the mobile app, a client can Execute Trades, Monitor Portfolio, View Streaming Quotes, and Intraday Charts to analyze the market.

Branch Advisory and Call & Trade

Kotak also offers trading facilities through its 1400+ branches and also through call centers using call & trade facility.

Kotak Securities Account Types

The Kotak offers different account types according to their user’s requirements. These are as follows:

AutoInvest Account

AutoInvest by Kotak Sec is a unique Online Trading Account that provides investment planning in Gold ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), Equities, and Mutual Funds to their customers. Gold ETFs are mutual fund schemes that will invest the money raised from their investors in standard gold bullion.

Kotak’s advisor also provides recommendations according to the investor’s risk capability and investment plans. An investor needs to invest a minimum of Rs 5000 for the AutoInvest account.

Kotak Gateway Account

Kotak Gateway account opens the gateway to a world of investment opportunities to beginners. The Kotak Gateway account users can trade from anywhere and anytime using the internet. A trader can also trade Currency Derivatives using the Kotak gateway account.

Kotak Securities also send SMS alerts, research reports, free news, and market updates to the account holders. But the best feature of the Kotak gateway account is the call and trade facility. Anybody can activate the Kotak Gateway account with an initial deposit ranging between Rs. 20,000/- to Rs. 5,00,000/-.

Kotak Privilege Circle Account

Kotak Privilege Circle is the premium investment account offed by Kotak Securities to its customers. This account gives some great benefits like providing independent market expertise, support through a dedicated relationship manager, a dedicated customer service desk that provides assistance in opening accounts, handling day-to-day problems along Kotak Gateway account benefits. They provide KEAT premium which is an exclusive online tool that lets you monitor what is happening in the market and view your gains and losses in real-time through their portal.

You can activate the Kotak Privilege Circle account with any amount of more than Rs. 10,00,000/- as margin, by way of a cash deposit or stock.

Kotak Freedom account

The Kotak Freedom account is offered to its customers for Mutual Fund Investments.

Kotak Super Saver account

This account provides a Flat Brokerage and a Low Margin account.

PMS (Portfolio Management Service)

PMS is an account provided to people who need an expert to help to manage their investments.

NRI Account

NRI Account is an online trading and investment account for NRI investors who want to invest in the Indian Stock Market.

Trinity Account [3-in-1 Account]

Trinity Account is an integrated account that helps investors enjoy the benefits of an Online Trading Account, Bank Account, Demat Account on a single platform for smooth transactions. This account gives the convenience of fund transfer between trading & bank accounts and also for online trading.

Kotak Securities Brokerage Charges 2019

Account opening and AMC charges offered by the Kotak Sec:

DescriptionFeeFee Type
Trading Account Opening Charges₹750One Time
Trading Annual maintenance charges₹0AMC
Demat Account Opening Charges₹0One Time
Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges₹600 per annumAMC

Trading Brokerages

Kotak Securities Ltd offer various brokerage plans:

Fixed Brokerage Plan

Kotak Securities Fixed Brokerage plan is specifically created to the fulfill the needs of newbie traders or infrequent traders.

Trading Segment Brokerage Charges
Equity Cash Delivery 0.49%
Equity Cash Intraday 0.049%
Equity Futures (Both Sides) 0.049%
Equity Options ₹300 Per Lot
Minimum Brokerage 4 paise for delivery and 3 paise for Intraday and Futures orders

Dynamic Brokerage Plan

Kotak Securities Dynamic Brokerage Plan is specifically created for those customers who are frequent traders and looking for a good bargain on their brokerage fees.

Trading Segment Brokerage Charges
Equity Cash Delivery 0.59% to 0.30%
(For trading amount of ‘< 1 lakh’ to ‘> 50 lakhs’)
Equity Cash Intraday 0.06% to 0.05% both sides
(For trading amount of ‘< 25 lakhs’ to ‘> 25 lakhs’)
Equity Futures Intraday 0.07% to 0.05% both sides
(For trading amount of ‘< 2 crores’ to ‘> 2 crores’)
Equity Futures Settlement 0.09% to 0.073% both sides
(For trading amount of ‘< 2 crores’ to ‘> 2 crores’)
Equity Options Intraday 2.5% to 1.8% both sides
(For premium of ‘< 4 lakhs’ to ‘> 11 lakhs’)
Equity Options Settlement 2.5% to 2.3% both sides
(For premium of ‘< 4 lakhs’ to ‘> 11 lakhs’)
Options Minimum (Settlement) ₹300 to ₹180 both sides
(For premium of ‘< 4 lakhs’ to ‘> 11 lakhs’)
Currency Futures 0.04% or ₹20 per lot, whichever is higher to 0.015% or ₹7.5 per lot, whichever is higher
(For monthly volume of ‘< 3 Cr’ to ‘> 30 Cr’)
Currency Options ₹20 per lot to ₹7.5 per lot
(For monthly volume of ‘< 3 Cr’ to ‘> 30 Cr’)

Free Intraday Trading (Unlimited Trading Plan)

Kotak Securities Free Intraday Trading (FIT) provides free unlimited intra-day equity trading across segments like Equity Cash, Equity Futures & Equity Options for a yearly fee of Rs. 999/-. This unlimited trading plan is available for Equity Intraday Trades only.

Note: Equity Delivery, Currency, and Commodity trading are not covered in this plan of Rs. 999/-.

Kotak Securities Minimum Brokerage

  • Cash Delivery: 4 paise per share, OR ₹21 per executed order, whichever is higher
  • Intraday: 4 paise per share, OR ₹21 per executed order, whichever is higher
  • Equity Futures: 4 paise per share subject to ceiling of 2.5% of contract value

Kotak Securities Demat Account Charges

Account Head Rate Minimum Payable
Dematerialisation ₹50 per request and ₹3 per certificate
Rematerialisation ₹10 for 100 shares ₹15
Debit Transactions – On Market and Off Market 0.04% of the value of securities (Plus NSDL charges as applicable) ₹27 (Plus NSDL charges as applicable)
Account Maintenance Charges Resident Indian NRI ₹50 per month ₹75 per month
Pledge Charges 0.05% of the value of securities ₹30
Invocation of Pledge 0.04% of the value of securities ₹30
Charge for Client Master change intimation ₹25

Kotak Securities Pros and Cons

Kotak Securities Advantages

  • The Kotak Securities website provides a wide range of investment options that include investment in equity, IPO’s, Bonds, FD’s, ETF’s, Mutual Funds, Currency Derivatives, etc at one platform.
  • Along with the online trading facility, the client gets access to 1400+ branches for help on investment, trading and issue resolution.
  • Kotak Securities provides daily SMS alerts, market pointers, periodical research reports, stock recommendations, etc. to its customers to get better profits.
  • The online chat facility is available to support the customer at their website.
  • The Kotak security offers easy integration of trading account with Citibank, HDFC Bank, UTI Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank for smooth transactions.

Kotak Securities Disadvantages

  • The Kotak Securities is a Full Services Broker thus the brokerage charged offered by them is higher than the Discount Brokers.

Kotak Securities Exposure Margin

Kotak Securities leverage for intraday trading, delivery, options trading, currency and commodities.

Segment Exposure Margin
Equity Delivery 1x (no margin)
Equity Intraday 50 times
Equity Future 12 to 15 times
Equity Options Selling: 200 times | Buying: 10 times
Currency Future NA
Currency Options NA
Commodity Future NA
Commodity Options
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