Pivot Point Calculator

You can learn how to calculate Pivot Point here on this page using our guide or simply you do Pivot Points calculation using our Pivot Point Calculator.

Pivot Point Calculator

Calculate Fibonacci Levels using my Fibonacci Calculator.

How to Use Pivot Point Calculator?

Using my Pivot Point Calculator is really easy. Here you just need to enter four values of a given Stock or Index and that’s it.

Here are the Four Values that to be entered to Pivot Point Calculation are:

  • High
  • Low
  • Close
  • Open

Important Notes

  1. If you are calculating Pivot Point for today then enter the above four values of Last Trading Day.
  2. If you are calculating Pivot Point for Next Day after End of the Day (EOD) then enter the four values of Today.

Pivot Point Calculation

The Pivot Points, Support and Resistance levels for a said scrip or stock are calculated based on the last trading session’s open, high, low and close prices.

If you want to calculate Pivot Points than the manual calculation for a pivot point is shown below.

Pivot Point Calculation Formula

  • Pivot point (PP) = (High + Low + Close) / 3

All Support and resistance levels are then calculated using the value of pivot point as shown below:

First level support and resistance calculation:

  • First resistance (R1) = (2 x PP) – Low
  • First support (S1) = (2 x PP) – High

The second level of support and resistance calculation:

  • Second resistance (R2) = PP + (High – Low)
  • Second support (S2) = PP – (High – Low)

The third level of support and resistance calculation:

  • Third resistance (R3) = High + 2(PP – Low)
  • Third support (S3) = Low – 2(High – PP)

Using pivot points, one can decide the tentative levels of any stock or index and set up his/her trade system. You can also start setting up your trade by calculating Fibonacci retracement using our Fibonacci Calculator.

Why to Calculate Pivot Points?

Pivot points calculation can be profitable because it can give an idea to a trader to find out the Support & Resistance levels of given scrip or Index.

Different Levels in Stock Trading is a crucial aspect of getting the right trade at the right time. And here, the Pivot Point Calculator can help a trader or investor to find the best trade setup to get maximum returns by finding Support and Resistance Level of Stock or Index.

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