SBI Capital Securities Review 2021

SBI provides financial services through SBI Capital Securities. The Company offers a wide range of activities from its established platforms. These services range from; mutual funds equities, derivatives, online trading and depository participant services to banks, corporate, high net worth individuals and financial institutions.

SBI Capital Securities Review

SBICap Securities are known to be full-time service dealers in the broking business. They offer a wide range of platforms with effective working experience. This includes a wide range of mobile, web, desktop and smartwatch platforms. Customers to this security full-time service dealer have fewer worries about the flexibility of the platforms available to use on their trading. 

Features of SBIcap Application

They perform at a very high and reliable speed.

Through these applications, the users have higher chances of getting trading skills advancements. 

While feeding the information, the customers suffer no interruption. 

There is very simple navigation procedures and programs. 

This application offers many tools to make the stock analysis easier for the customers. 

They have heat maps which make it possible to save time. Through heats maps, individuals are in the position to arrange and consolidate their documents within a very short period of time. It’s also a tool that aids speedy decision making because it helps in quick access to information. 

SBI Securities Web Trading Platform

On the home screen, especially for the first time log over, the display shows basic information such as the market information, current index snapshot, market winners among others. Customizing the dashboard can help you keep the widgets. 

You can initiate the trade through the trade now menu. There are so many valuable options depending on the type of trade you want to carry out. These values include the buy/sell, exchange, NSE or BSE among others.

The market approach has been made easier by simply a single click on the”market “, then proceed to click on the” overview “, sub-menu which is displayed on the screen.  You can now check the current stock transactions for any commodity across the indices with no complications. It’s also possible to change the index using this approach. 

It offers full-time security services to every customer. Users are in a position to get regular technical and the basic trading tips, reports of prior researches, the report recommendations and the full report analysis. These recommendations can be found in the site “our recommendations” embedded on the platform. This carries information about market prices, exiting prices and the target prices as well as the stop-loss among many.

SBI Capital Securities Trading Platforms

  • Desktop Platform – Windows Yes
  • Desktop Platform – Mac Yes
  • Desktop Browser Platform Yes
  • Mobile Site Platform Yes
  • Android App Platform Yes
  • iOS App Platform Yes
  • Windows App Platform No
  • Other Mobile OS Platform No
  • Real-time Updates Yes
  • Portfolio Details Yes
  • Online MF Buy Yes
  • News Flash No
  • Research Reports Yes
  • Easy Installation Yes
  • Global Indices No
  • Stock Tips Yes
  • Personalized Advisory Yes
  • Interactive Charts Yes
  • Live Markets Yes
  • SMS Alerts Yes
  • Email Alerts Yes
  • Multi-Account Management Yes

SBI Securities Mobile Trading App

The collection of compact design, improvised trading app interface, advanced tools, and widgets, as well as research, all embedded in investment are in a position to enhance an auto directing business. This is possible with iPad, Tablets, or smart mobile versions. 

Phones are easy to run and monitor the progress of the trading patterns. It’s easy to download the app from the app store (SBISMART). Once installed, with the account login credentials, you can be in a position to access the account from your phone. 

Characteristics of SBI Smart Mobile / iPad Trading App

Customer are in a good position to access live quotes and messages. 

Traders are able to place orders for goods without spending a lot of time 

It’s easy for trades to cancel or modify pending orders from a single app 

Customers  are in a position to customize the market watch to fit their time fixtures 

The application is in a position to confirm orders and the position from where the trade was carried out 

It’s in position to monitor and track the live markets carried out on NSE  and BSE from one application. 

With this app, you can’t miss any trading call which normally comes from the research technical and fundamental team or media and other stakeholders. 

It’s in a position to capture detailed stock recommendations from the web and also the trading tips recommended highlight.

SBI Securities Brokerage Charges

Three into one account basically charges – ₹850

Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) stands at – ₹500

Trading Brokerages

Intra-day Trades costs – 0.15%. (This applies to both sides)  Or a minimum charge of 5 paise per share provided it the highest. 

Delivery Based Trades – either 0.50% or a Minimum 5 paise per share whichever is on top. 

Futures sold at – 0.05% for intraday and 0.09% for carrying forward Or otherwise a Minimum 5 paise per share provided it’s the highest. 

Options Trades charges – Rs. 50/- for intraday (this applies on one side)  (and the charges are counted as per contract) and Rs. 100/- for carrying forward also calculated per contract).

SBICAP Securities Brokerage / Charges

Delivery                 Intraday  Minimum 

First leg Second leg
Cash market 
0.50% 0.075% 0.075% ₹0.05
Derivatives  Future  0.05%    0.03%      0.03%   ₹0.01

Option per lot ₹100   ₹50   ₹50
Currency derivatives  Future  0.03% 0.015% 0.015%

Option per lot ₹30 ₹20 ₹20

How to open a Demat Account with SBI Securities?

The following procedures will lead to perfect activation of the Demat account with SBIcap securities. 

There is a displayed word “open Demat account” Click on that green text to initiate the account registration. There is a form that will be displayed immediately you click. Fill that form diligently. 

There are a number of SBICap representatives and with time, one of them will get back to you and speak to you via a call or email. 

The representative will then schedule a meeting with you to complete the other needed formalities by collecting the remaining needed documents. 

Once these processes are over, you will be needed to wait for a few days for your account to be opened. 

SBI Securities Exposure Margin

The table below represents the SBI Securities leverage and securities exposure limits which were currently reviewed. This representation is for intraday, delivery, options, currency and commodities.

SegmentExposure Margin
Equity Delivery2x with Interest
Equity IntradayUp to 5x
Equity FutureNil
Equity OptionNil
Currency FuturesNil
Currency OptionsNil
Commodity FuturesNA
Commodity OptionsNA

SBI Securities Pros and Cons

SBI Securities Advantages

State Bank of India is one of the trusted brands despite its being the known country’s largest bank in India. 

All the broker services are fully provided accompanied by a wide range of financial services that are performed under a single roof. 

They offer the 3-in-1 account which is in position to allows seamless transactions between the Demat account, trading account and bank account. 

Online investment is available in IPO, mutual funds and bonds. 

There are two trading terminals. This is; SBISMART express and mobile app SBISMART both of which are available for free to the customers. 

With SBI, trading can be done at a minimum of 115  SBICAP security branches which are all over the major cities in India. 

The tools and prior research reports are offered to all customers at no cost. 

SBI Securities Disadvantages

SBI  has a very high brokerage charge in comparison to the online discount stockbroker. 

They only offer free calls and trade only for the first 30 calls and the rest become chargeable at a cost of Rs 10 in every Call you make.


SBI Capital Securities or SBI Smart is a full-service broker with a large userbase. The SBI Cap is reliable stockbroking service offered by India’s largest bank – State Bank of India.

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