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The powerful BSE/NSE Stock Screener allows you to screen & analyze stocks in India based on both pre-set and your own criteria like market cap, dividend yield, top gainers, Volumes, volatility, etc.

What is a Stock Screen

Stock Screener is a free tool that enables a Trader to filter and choose a stock on the basis of Technical Data & Fundamentals of that particular stock or Index. You can use pre-set stock screener settings or you can change them according to your needs.

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How to Use Screener

This Screener is the Best Research Tool for Equity Investors in India that can be used to Screen Stocks to filter and select for trades. The Stock Screener is an easy-to-use tool, that can be utilized for extracting numerous data like:

  • Most Capitalized
  • Volume Leaders
  • Top Gainers
  • Top Losers
  • All-Time High
  • All Time Low
  • 52 Week High
  • 52 Week Low
  • Monthly High
  • Monthly Low
  • Most Volatile
  • Unusual Volume
  • Overbought
  • Oversold
  • Outperforming SMA50
  • Underperforming SMA50
  • Earnings This Week

Benefits of a Stock Screener

A Stock screening tool enables you to screen stocks in a unique way that helps you to choose the best stocks.

  • You can use the Index Screener to select the set of stocks that you want to work with for your Intraday trading.
  • A trader can select one or two fundamental parameters to filter out those stocks that meet the criteria by using the Fundamental Screener.
  • You can use the Price Screener to select one or two price-related parameters that you want to display and sort on for your trade setup.

Why you should use Stock Screener India

This Stock Screener is a Free and Productive screening Tool for day trading in India. The Intraday screening tool, Filters F&O Equity Stocks for Intraday trading that helps you to choose the best stock to buy. The Screener also helps you to quickly Screen Stocks for data points relevant for Intraday Trading. The screener is ideal for beginners and for expert Daytraders in India for a stress-free trading experience.

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