Top 100 Companies in India 2021 [By Highest Market Cap]

Top Companies in India – Are you looking for the top 100 companies in India? Here is the list of the top 100 companies in India by Market Cap.

There are more than 6800+ companies that are listed over both the Indian exchanges. Out of these 6800+ companies, around 1600 companies are listed on NSE and the remaining 5200+ companies are listed on BSE.

You will find the exclusive, Top 100 Companies in India list that is actively traded and holding the highest Market Capitalization. Along with the names of these India’s top companies, you will get an opportunity to explore the last traded price of the stock, EPS, PE ratio, and much other helpful information for your reference on this page.

Top Companies in India by Market Capitalization

The Top Companies in India in 2021 are:

Top Companies in India
StockPriceChange %MarketcapEPS52 Weeks High52 Weeks LowShares

What is Market Capitalization?

In a single line; Market Capitalisation refers to the worth of a company determined by the stock market. Companies and their stocks are classified into different types, base on the market cap like small-cap, mid-cap, and large-cap.

The calculation is simple, companies with a market capitalization of more than Rs. 29,000 Crores counted as Large-Cap Stocks, companies from Rs. 8,500 Crores to Rs. 29,000 Crores counted as Mid-Cap Stocks and companies having a market capitalization of less than Rs. 8,500 Crores counted as the Small-Cap Stocks.

How to Calculate Market Capitalization?

The calculation of the market capitalization of companies is quite simple. You can calculate with the help of the current price of a stock and total outstanding stocks.

The formula to calculate Market Cap is:

Market capitalization = (Current market price of 1 share)*(total number of outstanding shares)

How Top Companies in India are Identified?

All companies are listed on the above list are listed on the Indian Stock Exchange are actively traded. These are the top Indian companies and holding the highest Market Cap among others.

All Top Indian Companies are listed in the above table containing the data like Current Share Price, change on the current day, EPF, 52 weeks high, 52 weeks low, and the total number of shares that are publically traded.

Benefits of Investing in India’s Top Companies

Generally retails investors avoid investing in the companies with the Highest Price Share but in my opinion, it is always beneficial. Because these companies are well established and have an excellent performance in the past, that is why they have been considered as Top Indian Companies.

The same ignorance goes for the high market capitalization companies in India because these companies have high liquidity and are volatile enough to get some good returns out of trades.

Some of the Best Companies in the Indian Market are listed on NSE. You can use these companies and their data to find the best trading opportunity. You can also use a Stock Screener to find the best trading opportunity.

Summary – Top Companies in India

That is all for the Top 100 Companies in India by market capitalization. I hope you found this article useful. If so, kindly share your thoughts in the comment section.

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