Wisdom Capital Review 2021

Wisdom Capital Review – Wisdom capital is an online discount brokerage company which was incorporated in the year 2013. It’s brokerage services ranges from stockbrokers, future and options broking, currency and commodities on NSE, BSE, MCX, and  NCDEX.

Wisdom Capital Review

Wisdom Capital’s Trading Platforms

Clients are in a position to trade using wisdom capital in so many ways including:

NEST Trader – This is a  trading terminal that is fully functional and allows the fast flow of orders which are subject to real-time monitoring. This terminal is available for all customers on a free basis. It’s one of the easy terminals to be used by the customers. Its capabilities are in that, it’s in position to trade all segments and the exchanges can be carried out in a single platform. Its services are available in the desktop, web and mobile app versions. All market segments trading can be carried out with this terminal including NSE Cash, F&O, Currency and MCX Commodities. This can be carried out by the NEST terminal which has advanced features. This includes NEST plus, Algo Plug-ins, MIS, CO, live and EOD charts.

Wisdom Capital Account Types

Wisdom Capital offers 3 different types of account plans to ensure that everyone is accommodated by their trading terminal and their needs are taken care of. 

1. Freedom Plan

Trading is executed in all segments with this plan starting from BSE, NSE and MCX  all provided at a zero brokerage charge. This plan also considers margin exposure to its customers as shown below :

  • Delivery Margin In Cash – 1X
  • Intraday Exposure In Options – 1X
  • Intraday Margin In Futures/MCX – 2X MIS & 10X which is in Cover Order
  • Intraday Margin In Cash – Up to 5X MIS

2. Pro Plan

This plan is basically designed for those professionals who have the interest to trade with Wisdom Capital and are in need of higher intraday exposure Margins and more advanced trading tools. The brokerage charges for this plan normally stand at Rs 9 per trade for those who use NSE features & options, currency and commodities trading, all at MCX. For those who have interest in intraday trade, the trading and delivery brokerage charges are 0.005% and 0.05% respectively. Its margin exposure is as  shown below :

  • Delivery Margin In Cash – Up to 5X
  • Intraday Exposure In Options – Up to 40 X MIS
  • Intraday Margin In Futures/MCX – 6X MIS  and 20X which is in Cover Order
  • Intraday Margin In Cash – 1X Buy and 6X Sell

3. Ultimate Plan

This plan is designed for those traders who have great trading frequencies and have dare need of highest intraday exposure or margins in intraday & delivery trades. The brokerage charges lies at Rs 15. This charge is only for every lot in an option,0.005% NSE future, currency & commodity trading MCX.Delivery and equity cash intraday trading brokerage charges 0.05%  and 0.005% respectively. The margin exposure for this plan is as shown below. 

  • Delivery Margin In Cash – Up to 5X
  • Intraday Exposure In Options – Up to 40 X MIS
  • Intraday Margin In Futures/MCX – Up to 10X MIS & 20X which is in Cover Order
  • Intraday Margin In Cash – 1X Buy and 10X Sell

Wisdom Capital Brokerage Charges 

Plans Freedom plan  Pro plan  Ultimate plan 
Account Opening Free Free Free
Validity  Lifetime  Lifetime  Lifetime 
Brokerage in form of  FNO (NSE/MCX) ZERO (0%) 9/Trade Future: 0.005 (NSE/MCX), Options : Rs. 15 per Lot
Brokerage in Cash ZERO (0%) 0.005% for Intraday &  0.05% for Delivery 0.005% for intraday and  0.05%  for Delivery
Intraday Margin In Futures/MCX 2X MIS and  10X in the  Cover Order 6X MIS & 20X in the  Cover Order Up to 10X MIS & 20X in the Cover Order
Intraday Exposure In Options 1X 1X Buy  and  6X Sell. 1X Buy  and Up to 10X Sell.
Intraday Margin In Cash Up to  5X MIS Up to 40 X MIS Up to 40 X MIS
Delivery Margin In Cash 1X Up to 5X Up to 5X
Call & Trade Charges 20 for Executed Order 20 for executed Order 20 for Executed Order
Free Demat Opening Yes Yes Yes
Demat Maintenance Cost Lifetime 999 plus  Taxes Lifetime 999 and additional Taxes Lifetime 999 plus Taxes
Trading Software Nest Free Free  Free

Wisdom Capital Exposure Margin

Below is a representation of wisdom capital exposure limits which was recently reviewed. It represents Wisdom Capital leverages for intraday, delivery, options, currency and commodities. All the exposure Margins below are dependent on the brokerage plan used. 

  • Equity Delivery – 5x to 40x
  • Equity Intraday – 5x to 40x
  • Equity Future – 5x to 20x
  • Equity Options – 5x to 40x 
  • Currency Future – 4x to 15x 
  • Currency Options – 4x to 15x
  • Commodity Future – 5x to 20x

How to Open Demat Account with Wisdom Capital?

With wisdom capital, there are possibilities of individuals being in a position to open Demat account online as well as offline. 

1. Open Wisdom Capital Demat Account Online

The online account opening is made simpler by the online submissions option of the required documents. You have to be a KYC registered member for you to have successful Demat account registration with Wisdom Capital. Below are the steps followed by individuals when opening an online wisdom capital Demat account. 

  • Send through email the scanned documents to the company’s email address given on the website 
  • Once the relationship manager (RM)  has filled your form, you are mandated to consider validating the OTP. 
  • When the form needs no extra information in the filling, the document won’t take long to be verified. 
  • There is an OTP which will be sent to you through your  mobile phone, validate it to ensure the E-sign is complete 

2. Open Wisdom Capital Demat Account Offline

 Steps to open Demat account:

  • First of all, mail all the scanned copies of KYC documents to the broker. This should also include the DP-investor agreement. 
  • Once the broker gets the details, he will send the application form to your email to download. 
  • Now you can print out the form after you get it from the broker. 
  • Make sure you attach photo sized passport and input signatures where required. 
  • Send the form to the address which is mentioned in the form. Either on top and bold typed.

Wisdom Capital Pros and Cons

Wisdom Capital Advantages

  • The broker, Wisdom capital allows trade in all market segments. that is NSE Cash, F&O, Currency and commodities MCX. This can be executed in a single trading terminal. 
  • There are unlimited monthly trading plans for NSE, BSE and MCX. 
  • They have installable trading terminals at no cost among other trading software such as websites and mobile app. 
  • They offer do not offer minimum brokerages. 
  • Traders are allowed to trade Nifty with 3000, with crude at 3000 and Mega gold with 9000 margins at a go. 
  • Semi and fully automated Algo trading are available with Wisdom Capital. 

Wisdom Capital Disadvantages

They have no facilities for customers to invest with IPO, FPO, Mutual funds, NCDs and OFS. For semi-automated trading, the Algo trading is available with an extra fee charge-standing at  ₹550, which is charged on a monthly basis. 

Wisdom Capital Review – Conclusion

Here it was the Wisdom Capital Review with its features, platforms, apps, fees, plans & charges.

Let me know in comment section, if you have any questions.

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